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Orchestra Cube Sessions

We convene almost every week for about two hours, producing a mind-boggling amount of music, much of which is recorded and archived here. While the sessions themselves are presented in a raw state, they have been snipped here and there for convenience, removing random fiddling around and our boring chatter. Not that we talk much.

More Downloads

A ninja group of Cube Orchestra members played a set at Sanctum between four and six in the morning ...

Dec 2013 to Oct 2014

Prior to 12 November 2014 our sessions were made available not as streams with download links, but simply download links to zip files. Same same, but no player, pics or blurb ...

*Note: Most of the recordings before mid-July 2014 were made in mono on an iPhone and are a bit distorted in places


Short live performances to accompany video screenings at the start of the regular Cube's Bluescreen events

...And if you can't find what you're looking for on this page, try the link below...

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