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German filmmaker and doctor Arnold Fanck (1889-1974) made this beautifully photographed Bergfilm, or 'mountain film', in 1926. Written in three days and nights especially for Leni Riefenstahl The Holy Mountain took over a year to film in the Alps with an entourage of expert skiers and climbers.

This live recording starts about 20 mins in to the film as unfortunately the start of the soundtrack has been lost to posterity, but what's here is good stuff.

Marcus Valentine - Keyboards
Scott Hazell - Electric Guitar
Sharmini Pitter - Flute
David Finch - Saxophones
Lars Feistkorn - pre-recorded soundscapes
Oliver Kohll - Viola
Natalie Wort - Trumpet
Joćo Tiago Fernandes - Percussion, Trombone

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[Here's the score we used]

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