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Paul Albrecht: Drums
Joseph: Bongos
Richie Paradise: Electronic Percussion
Oliver Kohll: Violin
Peter Hoffman: Sax
Ant Brown: Bass Guitar
Belinda Davies: Trumpet
Andy Duncan: Keyboards
Ale Fernandez: Spanish guitar, vocals
Barry Parsons: Electric guitar
Marcus Valentine: Piano, keyboards

MP3 Downloads

Despite the recording being broken into tracks, this session was recorded as one continuous track, so if your mp3 player is able to play the tracks continuously with no breaks it will be just like being there.

Note this is not a streaming server. If your internet connection to our server isn't fast enough the playback will keep stopping. In this case save the files locally to your machine before attempting to play them.

What's with the stupid track names?

Extensive research (consisting of looking at our [web stats]) has revealed that tracks with stupid names get downloaded more. Go figure.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a [Creative Commons License]

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