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What is Orchestra Cube?

Orchestra Cube sometime conductor Peter Swaffer-Reynolds writes:

Orchestra Cube, as a phenomenon, has given rise to many interesting and unexpected developments. When I consider what we are doing then certain things come to mind and it is these that I would like to give note in this letter. It is a study of:

  1. the way the improvised can meet the compositional
  2. the responsibility of the musician to the art of listening
  3. the acumen of intention defined by the harmonics of many
  4. the allowance of the unexpected as a potential zone of invention
  5. the acceptance that error is a composite part of perfection
  6. the expectation that at times we will chance upon narrow openings
  7. the acceptance that fork can sometimes mean knife
  8. the a guide towards future living
  9. the hope that structure imposed will liberate the tonal implications of modular knowledge
  10. the elaboration of an emotional response as a means of triggering an associative response to lateral memory.

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